Turbo charge your workforce this year!

As keen educators Rock Solid are not all about having fun! We are committed to you getting the most out of your time in the water.  This year we have helped people overcome their fears of heights and water, taught about geology, wildlife and history  and pushed people to discover new strengths and talents.

​Many companies have young (and old) employees that could benefit from a 'brush away the cobwebs away-day'. We spend a lot of time with our colleagues so building trust and meaningful relationships is THE MOST IMPORTANT INVESTMENT in HR you could make.

CALL 01803 472234 ~ 07723088292 or email p.austin@mail.com to get involved right now.

We can collaborate with you to create learning outcomes no matter what sector you are working in. Our sessions will turbo charge your employees with new communication mantras, leadership skills, confidence, team work and planning strategies. It will also be an unforgettable adventure that will help cement a collaborative mindset and positive attitude.

The energy that is gained from a trip of this nature will boost productivity long term, the ability of these sessions to level the playing field and break down boundaries is apparent from the off. 

How could your line manager not be more approachable when you have heard them scream with terror, been in the pitch black haunted cave system with them or shared a seal encounter? 

With 10 years experience in education we are bristling with ideas and activities, Without giving too much away here, we can cover the following skills.

Team Work


Crisis management

Decision Making 





Stress Management

-All within an amazing landscape doing an amazingly fun and engaging activity. 

The best investment in your workforce you could ever make!

​-Phil Austin, ROCK SOLID FOUNDER and Head Teacher.