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​​On our spooky Coasteering expeditions, while you traverse the jaw dropping coastline having hilarious fun, ​you will be treated to blood chilling stories and visit some of the most terrifying natural features and  locations.  Yes the torch will go off, the wind will blow through the haunted forest, the jumps will be terrifying and we will have your heart racing and your hair standing on end. Maidencombe has a rich smuggling history and haunted heritage, the violent and gruesome past will be blended with World War 11 tales and Modern Shockers as you make your way around the rugged coastline. 

​Featured Tales.....

The Crashed German Bomber and Missing Pilot

Smugglers Haunted Cave - The Black Out

Jebadia Hook and his Amazing Escape

​Conger's Lair and the Mystery Beast

The Grave In The Woods

​The Hanging Rocks

This pic below shows the grave that was found in the woods between Maidencombe and Watcombe- freshly dug with a piece of wood wedged in half way up to climb out. This discovery turned neighbour on neighbour as the search for the mystery grave digger hit fever pitch.  How many other bodies are burried in these dark and spooky enclaves? Book now to experience this unique terrifying adventure.