Call to get a date penciled in

invite as many as you like

 the larger the party the cheaper it gets per person

the birthday boy/girl will be treated to cake and candles in and exclusive location (perhaps deep underground in an ancient smugglers tunnel). 

For wow and surprise you could put the voucher or invites  in an old bottle like a lost treasure map!

everyone will be talking about your birthday for many years to come!

CALL NOW - LETS GO! 2017 IS THE YEAR 01803 472234 ~07723088292 ~

Why not finish your trip with a meal in The Thatched Tavern!

Unbelievable adventure, side splitting laughter, an ocean of adrenaline and cake (probably in a cave!)

The rock solid birthday is a beautiful thing!

Whether it is a gift or a planned trip with family and friends the outcome will be the same!