Rock Solid Coasteering Maidencombe is the creation of Ziggy Austin- a proud Devonian and adventure addict.  As a child he was captivated by the small valley he dwelt in, it's hidden secrets, it's smugglers history, the animals and the fables that dripped from every mossy branch. In order to make his project a reality and do it well Zig realized that lots of preparation, training and research would be needed.... Rome wasn't built in a day! 

The ethos behind Rock Solid Coasteering is to share this secret corner of Devon in an imaginative and environmentally sensitive way.  We want you to have the biggest adventure, learn with us and have the most fun- all done safely with the ecosystem in mind. We will kit you up, assess you and take you out on an adventure that will be unforgettable. 

What is coasteering?

Coasteering the most exciting, extreme and adaptable activities out there! It involves climbing, swimming and jumping your way along the coast with an experienced, well trained and equipped guide. Your are provided with equipment -helmet, wetsuit, buoyancy aid, gloves, socks, a hood. The expert guides ensure your safety and tailor the adventure to your needs.

Your ability and confidence will be evaluated from the start with the aim of pushing you to achieve things you did not think possible. From the shy seaweed hating novice to the experienced climber, our sessions can push you to the limit!

Everyone can coasteer and experience the unique thrill and sense of adventure it provides.​Sessions last for roughly 2.5 hours during which time you will be taught; how to enter shallow water safely, how to jump from height safely, how to traverse the marine environment  considering conditions and tides, survival skills, wildlife appreciation and geology.

​We are a coasteering specialist with a unique location, ethos and geology (we love love love geology- see the tab). The route we use is exciting and diverse with jaw dropping features found nowhere else on the Devon Coast.  We care about the environment working locally to conserve, protect and restore the coastal ecosystem.

FREE parking is available and our price is VERY competitive. The starting location has a PUB (yes) a beautiful beach and Café. There are also stunning coast paths which overlook the coasteering route - for spectators. We are a new provider aiming to please so booking sizes and repeat custom will inevitably attract concessions.   

​The locations alone will blow your mind. Yes there will be safety briefings and some rules, but you will be venturing into a remote and unforgiving Jurassic enclave where anything can happen.

The journey to this point was exciting and challenging, it has involved  many hours of training and preparation. The number of hours spent on and under the water must be in the thousands. The best thing about the whole process has been the formation of new friendships which you can't put a price on. The lead guide Ziggy @ Rock Solid boasts the following credentials:

An Environmental Science Degree and PGCSE in Science Education.

A member of the National Coasteering Charter- the National Representative Body ensuring best practice and excellence across the industry.  This body, amongst other things, assesses and certifies coasteering guides and ensures their competency in a broad spectrum of skill areas.

CRB checked to the highest level.

Safeguarding Level 3 - It's everyone's responsibility.   

Outdoor First Aid trained by First Aid For Life, certified by the ITC.

In 2015 Phil Completed a 28km Coasteer- the entirety of Torbay to raise money for charity. 

Founder of local environmental group 'Activists Against Marine Littering' - Join on FB.

Member of the British Sub Aqua Club BSAC and regular diver with the Brixham Branch.

Guardian and founder of the local history club social history scroll- a timeline of the local area that stretches back into prehistory (viewings may be organised on request). 

Winner of the Torquay episode of the TV show 'Come Dine With Me' in 2014 - ask for the 'scallop tour'.  

The list goes on! You are in safe hands!

Afterwards you can kick back with an ice cream at the Beach Box Cafe or sip a cold beer in the Thatched Tavern (both at the starting point of the adventure) and say . I DID THAT!